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CeBIT ticket

Win 2 FREE CeBIT 2013 tickets for You and a Friend!

In celebration of CeBIT 2013, we decided to give away 100 FREE tickets. All you have to do is enter our survey, answer four short questions and the ticket can ...

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CeBIT logo

Open-E heads for CeBIT 2013. Do you?

At Open-E we are getting prepared for March to attend CeBIT 2013 – the world’s largest IT trade show. What can we expect from this year’s show? According to Frank ...

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All hands on deck! Open-E needs your nominations

It’s that time of the year again when we pick our favorites of the year in dozens of categories, including music, sports, games etc. The IT industry is no different ...

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OECE Training

Next series of OECE Training events for partners starts in October

OECE Training events are back! Open-E offers partners the opportunity to become an Open-E Certified Engineer (OECE). During a two day training session, engineers get a chance to obtain skills ...

Read More highlights: 190 Virtual Machines running on 178 TB with HA Storage

Last week I was visiting the World Hosting Day Event in Germany as usual and I’ve wanted to provide you all with some highlights. Intel was presenting the innovative Romley ...

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