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Installing Open-E DSS V7 with two SSDs in a RAID 1


Installing Open-E DSS V7 in your system may be done in multiple ways. In this webcast, our host presents how to use SSD drives in a RAID 1 configuration as a boot drive. Additionally, you will be given a lot of practical tips about the installation of our software in general. Together with our moderator, you will go through the process of configuring SSDs in a RAID 1 using the onboard RAID controller and installing […]

2012 highlights: 190 Virtual Machines running on 178 TB with HA Storage


Last week I was visiting the World Hosting Day Event in Germany as usual and I’ve wanted to provide you all with some highlights. Intel was presenting the innovative Romley Server Platform. No doubt in my mind that this will be a very high performance Storage Server. We are working with Intel and Microtronica engineers on the top 3 typical configurations for the Intel Romley based Storage Servers. LSI and Adaptec were exposing SSD Cache […]


SSD: Marketing Versus Reality


We can read many articles about the pros and cons of Solid State Drives. We may also hear opinions about them – from supporters and opponents of this technology… and can listen to the informational din. We can also leave the technical issues aside and look at it from the perspective of a market. Let’s just say this article won’t provide any answers – it will only ask new questions. The price and the prestige […]


To use or not to use SSDs? That is the admins question!


It’s quicker, it’s lighter, it does not generate any noise and has a lower work temperature…Furthermore, it doesn’t have any mechanical, moving components so it offers you not only a very short response time but also great resistance to any shocks. So isn’t SSD the answer to all our storage needs that we were waiting for? So why should we even consider using SSD if the advantages over traditional, magnetic hard drives are so obvious? […]


Random vs. Sequential explained.


Very often, storage product users do not know what kind of performance numbers to expect in real operations. Why do storage vendors claim such great performance when measured by an industry accepted reference tool like IOmeter, but in production database applications are often very slow? The biggest difference comes from how the data is being read from the disk. Is it in sequential blocks or is it scattered in random blocks all over the drive? […]


What you can expect from SSD?


Hard disk performance is limited by mechanical parts velocity and there is no solution for this issue. Servers are using RAID for redundancy and for performance. Thanks to RAID technology it is possible to scale single hard disk performance. The team of disks works faster, but applications are needing increased improvements as over periods technical evolutions. There are storage offers using DDR RAM or SLC Flash that claim 2-20 GB/s throughput or 100K to millions […]


  • Support for NAS, iSCSI, FibreChannel
  • High-Availability over 2 nodes
  • Reasonable pricing

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