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iSCSI storage

iSCSI storage: a beginner’s guide

Storage management for ever-growing capacity of data is a crucial subject for businesses of all sizes. Simple and reliable storage based on iSCSI can be a good alternative for companies ...

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Open-E DSS V7 Citrix Ready

Open-E Data Storage Software V7 verified as Citrix Ready

Open-E is happy to announce that its latest software release has received Citrix Ready® verification The Citrix Ready designation indicates that Open-E DSS V7 completed a rigorous verification process to ...

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The Storage Awards

Voting time! Open-E DSS V7 receives another award nomination

Once again this year, we have been recognized by the storage industry and received a nomination for an award. This time, Open-E DSS V7 has been selected for the Storage ...

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Open-E at Intel Solutions Summit 2013

Warming Up for Intel Solutions Summit 2013

We are excited to be back for another Intel Solution Summit (ISS). This year, it will be hosted at the Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland ISS 2013 gathers top Intel ...

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Get the most out of your storage with an Active-Active setup!

Recent test comparison of Open-E DSS V7 iSCSI Active-Active and Active-Passive Failover proved, how beneficial for the storage system can be to apply the Active-Active configuration. Better throughput and faster ...

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Open-E DSS V7 VMware Ready

Open-E DSS V7 declared VMware Ready™

Open-E is happy to announce its latest software release achieved the VMware Ready™ status. The VMware Ready™ designation indicates that after a detailed validation process Open-E Data Storage Software Version ...

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OECE Training

Next series of OECE Training events for partners starts in October

OECE Training events are back! Open-E offers partners the opportunity to become an Open-E Certified Engineer (OECE). During a two day training session, engineers get a chance to obtain skills ...

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Open-E DSS V7 as a virtual machine on VMware

Most of us use Virtual Environments for production, testing, training or just for a demo. This is why we would like to be sure you know how to install our ...

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Asynchronous Volume Replication

What to do if Asynchronous volume replication is needed?

So you need Asynchronous volume replication badly and you only find the Synchronous volume replication is on our feature list. Not all is lost as we can still provide a ...

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Fibre Channel

Enterprise Grade Fibre Chanel SAN in 5 Minutes?

I am not kidding. We were getting queries about the performance of our latest DSS V6 build 4786. So I needed to quickly set up a performance benchmark. It took ...

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