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Open-E DSS V7 Quickstart

Getting started with new software is often the hardest part. To make the Open-E DSS V7 configuration process easier for you, we prepared an easy to follow webcast – now available on our website.
It explores the basics of installing Open-E software, setting it up as a Virtual Machine and creating simple NAS and iSCSI volumes.

Check out the topics below, to get an idea of what are we going to talk about this time:

  • Downloading ISO and ZIP image of Open-E DSS V7
  • Showing the difference between ISO and ZIP
  • Preparing bootable USB stick
  • Configuring Boot menu
  • Installing and configuring Open-E DSS V7 as a Virtual Machine on ESXi
  • Tips for configuring network settings (VM)
  • Configuring RAW device mapping (VM)
  • Allocating space for host cache (VM)
  • Executing disk performance test using system benchmark
  • Creating iSCSI volume (block I/O) and mounting the iSCSI Target
  • Creating NAS share and connecting to Active Directory Service

Enjoy watching our webcast here:

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